Emily's Senior Portraits in Deep Ellum

Emily's Senior Portraits in Deep Ellum

Emily wanted someplace funky, someplace fresh for her senior portraits.

She was tired of the same ol' thing she'd seen over and over again.

So I went back in my memory of what was cool when I was 18--Deep Ellum. And you know what? It's still cool.

Have a creative holiday.

My husband and I met in advertising. I was a copywriter. He was an art director. Together, we made beautiful things (long before we made our beautiful little baby). Anyway, with the series finale of our favorite show, Mad Men, which oftentimes felt a little too biographical, we thought of our annual holiday card.

With the kiddo and busy work lives, we had far less time than we would have enjoyed to get the shots, however I think we didn't do too bad. Here's our Xmas card for 2015 along with the inspiration. We hope your holiday season is as cool as ours is.

DIY Portraits

You don't even have to shoot in manual to have control over your photos. It can be done, but you need to know how to use your camera.

After all, wardrobe and those cute props you  made from Pinterest won't matter if your picture is blurry and strangely orange.

That's why I offer photography workshops at your convenience. Gather some friends, get a fruit tray from the grocery store, and host a How to Use Your Camera Workshop in your home.


Kevin + Larry at the Interfaith Peace Chapel

My husband says I get this look on my face when I edit wedding photos. He can't really describe it, but there's a smile and a misty-eyed quality. Well, going over Kevin and Larry's big day as I uploaded files found me with that blissfully dopey look. I absolutely loved their ceremony. The Interfaith Peace Chapel in Dallas was bursting with love, even though there were less than 10 people in the building.

They chose to have an intimate and private setting for their nuptials, and I always loves those types of celebrations. Big weddings are great, too, but the small weddings that I have attended always have a different effect on me.

Anyway, it was fun helping out where I could in addition to shooting pictures. And the ceremony was absolutely lovely. And Larry couldn't have been smiling any harder if he had tried!

I adore this couple. And I'm so honored that I was given the opportunity to attend, let alone document, their wedding.

Terra & Megan

Terra and Megan brought one of their babies along for the session, and if you haven't looked at the photo thumbnails yet, know "baby" is code for "dog baby."

He stole the spotlight, that's for sure! I love putting pups and other pets into photos. They're family, after all.

But doggie aside, I had a great time with Terra and Megan. Perhaps one of the coolest parts was discovering that Terra and I went to the same high school, although at different times.

Anyway, once again, I chose White Rock Lake for the session, but we stayed relatively close to Mockingbird Point Dog Park, so their little one could swim and play. We walked across the bridge, took some shots in the blistering sun (or whatever shade we could find) and dodged bikes on the path. It was adventurous, but never dangerous!

Kevin & Larry

If it wasn't 100 degrees out when I met Kevin and Larry, it was close.

But they're wedding is coming up quick, so they powered through the heat for a fun-filled engagement session at White Rock Lake.

We met at the Bath House Cultural Center. I felt the building could be an interesting background (and even provide a bit of shade). Not to mention the bird poles in the lake where egrets and other water fowl tend to perch.

Unfortunately, the birds felt it was too hot to show up! But we managed to get some lovely photos, regardless. I'm very much looking forward to Kevin and Larry's wedding in August ... indoors!

Babies Light Up My Life, Even if My Lights Don't.

So this shoot stressed me out a bit, and not because the baby was bad! She was a perfect angel. I've actually never had a baby be so chill. No, it was the lights. I had just purchased a new set of studio lights and they malfunctioned hardcore. In fact, I couldn't adjust the output! That's the entire point of using lights, being able to control the amount of light that comes out!

I tried everything I could, but something just wasn't working. And we were in my house, so I didn't have the space to move them far enough away to lessen the light (not to mention there'd be light bleeding everywhere!).

In laymen's terms, it just means I had to get creative and bust out my speedlights again. So instead of the 5 light setup I had planned (well, 4 and a bounce), I was back to two and a bounce.

It worked. Andi looks adorable in the photos. But then again, she always looks adorable.

Baby Batgirl and the Wild Rumpus

Summer and Larry are going to have a baby girl soon. And they're doing two things I love. 1) She's going home in a little Batman outfit. 2) Her room is filled with "Where the Wild Things Are" stuff. I love Batman. And I love "Where the Wild Things Are." Add the fact that Summer and Larry are both silly and fun and hilarious and loving, and it makes for an easy afternoon shoot. I can't wait to meet their kiddo!

And with that, let the Wild Rumpus start.

Wedding at Lakewood Brewing Company

It was a family wedding at Lakewood Brewing Company! Greta, one of LBC's totally cool salespeople, couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else. She had a red and black dress, all of the bridesmaids had pinup hair and makeup, and the beer flowed like wine.

It was a fun time. Congrats, Greta! And welcome to the family, Duane!

How to Use Your Camera Workshop!


Sunday, June 7, 2015 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

at Harry Moss Park. Corner of Greenville Ave. and Royal Ln.

Tickets available on Eventbrite.

A fun and friendly crash course in manual photography:

  • F-stops
  • ISO settings
  • Shutter speeds
  • White balance
  • and FOCUSING!

Plus, a goody or two to keep.

This is a true workshop; you'll learn by doing. We work in groups, play games, and learn how all cameras work while having fun. Expect tons of one-on-one time with the instructor. Questions are encouraged.

Bring your DSLR camera, a bottle of water, and your brain. You'll need all three!

Get your tickets here.


Use a flash outside.

Using a flash in bright sunlight can help even out your exposure. It was very bright the day I shot Derek and Andy's engagement photos.

Very bright. Even at 7 PM, the Texas sun wasn't letting up.

So I pulled out my flash, which seems like a silly thing to do. After all, if there's too much light, why would anyone in their right mind add more?

Well, there are a few reasons. I think the photos speak for themselves, but I'll give a basic outline.

Bright lights equal dark shadows. Use a flash to fill in those shadows and get more uniform light.

See how the background is visible in the photo taken with the flash? That's because my light made their faces equal to the background. Without the flash, the background was drowned out by the sun reflecting off of everything.

Learn how to shoot your camera manually. Then learn how to use your flash. Need help? Let me show you how to use your camera!