In middle school, I was the only kid who knew how to use the big camera on yearbook staff. In high school, I used a film-based Minolta SLR that was older than I was. And now, I have a few DSLRs to snap whatever I can (especially my kids).

I also love teaching photography. So whether you want photos of yourself or you want to learn how to use your camera, I'm here to help. Or at least point you in the right direction.

Thank you for stopping by.


In my non-photographer life, I'm a freelance creative director and copywriter for the advertising industry. If you're feeling curious, check out my other work.


A few years back, Sony sent a camera crew to follow me around Dallas. Usually I'm on the opposite side of a production crew! (In my non-photographer life, I'm an advertising copywriter.) It was a very cool experience and I'm so happy I have these videos to keep forever! Check out the entire adventure here.  

And for my flash lighting adventure, go here.  (Bonus points for you if you spot my very pregnant belly.)