Lauren and Toryn's Chill Denton Wedding

These two crazy lovebirds got married two weeks ago in Denton, and I'm just getting around to posting some of their photos! I never claimed to be a good blogger.

Anyway, the majority of my brides and grooms are super chill, relaxed types of folks. And Toryn and Lauren may be the most casually cool couple to date. Their wedding took place on the lawn of the Downtown Denton Courthouse, you know, in the middle of the Square. There was no rehearsal, so everyone just sort of knew what to do.

And even though the sun was at its absolute worst position in the sky, we managed to get some wonderful photos! 

Lauren wore this gorgeous embroidered gown that she (I believe) found on Etsy. And Toryn was all GQ'd out in his blue suit with floral tie. To call them adorable would be a disservice: they were Denton perfection.

What was even more inspiring was their friends and guests. Everyone helped in some way. There were dog wranglers, iPod wranglers, family wranglers. There may have even  been a beard wrangler.

The reception followed the ceremony, taking place that the ultra hip Harvest House. There guests (and me) enjoyed catered Mexican food, Hypnotic Donuts, and a fine selection of craft beers. My evening ended with the happy couple running through rows of their friends getting high fives from everyone. Who needs bubbles and rice when you have hands?

Lauren and Toryn, it was an absolute pleasure sharing your special day. Here's to many many happy years!