Off-Camera Flash Fun on a Rainy Day

Note: I don't blog much. Or social media much. At least not for photography, and that needs to change. It's funny, in my copywriter life I'm responsible for many business's and people's blogs, Instagram accounts, Facebook posts, Tweets, you name it, non-stop. But when it comes to my own stuff, I'm just worn out! Especially with two kids to take care of. But I'm going to try and do better. (Although I have my three-year old tugging on me while I do this.)

It's raining today like mad, and I just can't get motivated to leave the house. We all know those days. And truth be told, we have no valid reason for leaving. No one is feeling cabin fevered. No one needs anything from Target.

And since my kids--both human and dog--are in really good moods, I decided to snap a few photos. Nothing fancy requiring costume changes or even posing. And no retouching wanted; that's very important. I'm still feeling lazy.

I used my trusty ol' Nikon whateveritis, my remote flash triggers, and my Nikon speedlight with a small soft box over the flash. (Want to know the exact equipment? Ask.)

I managed to get pretty portraits of my loves with minimal effort. And I'm astonished at how much my son looks like his daddy.

What might blow the non-photographer mind is that my living room was perfectly lit when these were taken. All four overhead cam lights were shining brightly. But with the addition of a brighter light angled just so, you can actually create a studio look. It takes a bit of knowhow, or blind luck for some, but it's nice to get some dramatic shots without breaking out the backgrounds.