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Baby Batgirl and the Wild Rumpus

Summer and Larry are going to have a baby girl soon. And they're doing two things I love. 1) She's going home in a little Batman outfit. 2) Her room is filled with "Where the Wild Things Are" stuff. I love Batman. And I love "Where the Wild Things Are." Add the fact that Summer and Larry are both silly and fun and hilarious and loving, and it makes for an easy afternoon shoot. I can't wait to meet their kiddo!

And with that, let the Wild Rumpus start.

Adrienne and Bill are Having a Baby.

There's a lot going on with these photos. For starters, Adrienne and Bill are some of my dearest friends, so little Leighton is sort of going to be my niece. And I already love her so darn much, it make me cry just thinking about meeting her.

So taking, editing, and just being a part of this whole experience is almost too much to handle. I'm really a sappy, sappy person. But that isn't a bad thing, right?

Trailing that is the fact that I got to take the Sony Alpha 99 for a spin (the exact model number is SLT-A99V). In full disclosure, not every picture was shot with the Alpha, but most of them were. After all, the camera was hosting the fantabulous 24-70mm F2.8 ZEISS lens. That's right; Zeiss glass. And on a Sony body, that baby has auto focus (which is great for folks like me whose vision could get compromised by flooding emotions).

The lens was perfect for what I needed it for: indoor shoots. Leighton's nursery is a typical bedroom with each wall being around 10 to 12 feet long. So wide angle worked here since I wanted to get some shots of the entire room but I couldn't really scoot back any further.