A Sleeping Baby, a Tripod, and a Slow Shutter

My daughter is 16 weeks old, and I'm about 80% sure that 80% of her weekends have been rainy.

So when she fell asleep on my bed and the cloud-diffused light filtered through the window onto her sweet face, my husband grabbed his iPhone and I went for my tripod.

The bedroom was very dark, but the benefit of a DSLR camera and a still subject is that you can make due with the light you have.

I slowed my shutter way down to four seconds, which gives the camera more time to put light onto the sensor. For you non-camera experts, this allows more light to get in and brightening up the scene--at least to the camera.

With a long exposure, you can actually make a very dark situation appear very bright. That wasn't the mood I was going for here, but you can see the difference between a quick phone shot and something with more control.


f/stop 4
Shutter 4 seconds
ISO 200
VERY dark room


f/stop 2
Shutter 1/2 second
VERY dark room