Kevin + Larry at the Interfaith Peace Chapel

My husband says I get this look on my face when I edit wedding photos. He can't really describe it, but there's a smile and a misty-eyed quality. Well, going over Kevin and Larry's big day as I uploaded files found me with that blissfully dopey look. I absolutely loved their ceremony. The Interfaith Peace Chapel in Dallas was bursting with love, even though there were less than 10 people in the building.

They chose to have an intimate and private setting for their nuptials, and I always loves those types of celebrations. Big weddings are great, too, but the small weddings that I have attended always have a different effect on me.

Anyway, it was fun helping out where I could in addition to shooting pictures. And the ceremony was absolutely lovely. And Larry couldn't have been smiling any harder if he had tried!

I adore this couple. And I'm so honored that I was given the opportunity to attend, let alone document, their wedding.

Wedding at Lakewood Brewing Company

It was a family wedding at Lakewood Brewing Company! Greta, one of LBC's totally cool salespeople, couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else. She had a red and black dress, all of the bridesmaids had pinup hair and makeup, and the beer flowed like wine.

It was a fun time. Congrats, Greta! And welcome to the family, Duane!

Mr. and Mrs. Gibson

What a cool couple! Ashley and Travis have known each other for years, and there is more history than my blog can do justice. So I'll just mention a few other things. They're untraditional, which I love. That made me get a little untraditional with how I shot their wedding. For starters, I shot the group photos with all of the wedding guests casually milling about in the background. I really like how it turned out. In fact, when I go through all of their photos, there's a definite theme of wedding guests always being visible, from the cake cutting to the dances to the toasts. It really works for their wedding--there were only 70 guests.

Both the wedding and the reception were at the Cross Timbers Winery in Grapevine, Texas. I've actually shot a reception there before years ago, so it was great to return. Maybe I'll be back again.

Wedding at the Red Oak Ballroom in Fort Worth

This wedding was special for me. Mike is a very dear friend (in fact, he's the talented person who did this website) and Julie is a welcome addition to my "family." When Mike told me about Julie, I couldn't help but hope that they'd end up married. Well, my wish (mostly Mike's wish, let's be honest) came true.

They were married last weekend at the Red Oak Ballroom in Sundance Square in Fort Worth, TX. It was such a casual affair with the right amount of attention to detail. Julie was radiant and I've never ever seen Mike look so blissful in the many years I've known him.

I have so many photos I'd like to post of their wedding and reception, but they're on their honeymoon right now. So I'll wait until they get back to completely unload my camera card!

Wedding at the Red Oak Ballroom


Jenn and Isaac's Marriage Adventure in the Big Apple

Sony Cameras and Jenn, the lovely bride featured in this post, sent me to NYC to shoot Jenn and Isaac's elopement. Armed with the Sony A99 and a bagful of Sony lenses, I went to New York not knowing exactly what to expect.

What a trip! These two are rockstars. We ran around the entire city. Times Square, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center. Grand Central Station ... And it wasn't cool outside, either. May in NYC can be quite brutal.

I estimate we drank around 5,000 bottles of water. And since I was newly pregnant, at least 3,000 of those were mine. I can't thank Jenn and Izzy enough for keeping my secret for as long as they did (but they discovered pretty quickly that something was different about me; it isn't hard to hide a pregnancy when you don't participate in the champagne toast!).

However, heat and queasiness aside, I absolutely loved their wedding. It was way too much fun to be such a big part of such a personal event in their lives. Not to mention all of the attention we got was really fun, too! I'm actually very impressed with New Yorkers and all of the tourists. I don't think we had any unwanted photo bombs.

The entire shoot was a raging success, just like their marriage will continue to be. I have so many favorite photos that it's unfair. I hope they feel the same.

Surprise, Julie and Greg!


Julie and Greg were married over a year ago, and it was such a sweet, private affair that I never really shared the photos.

That and they didn't know they were going to have a wedding photographer. Because I was a surprise.

They planned on a small, family-only ceremony with a Justice of the Peace, but not all of the family could be there. In particular, Julie's big brother AK who happens to be one of my best friends.

I can't remember if he asked or if I offered, but I went to their wedding and they had no idea.

When Julie walked into the room to see me there with the camera, I simply said, "Hi, I'm your present."

She looked confused. "Veronica?" Then she saw my camera. Then I held up my phone, where I was U-streaming the whole thing so absent family members could watch and said, "Say hi to AK!"

It was all so cute, like something out of a movie. And to this day, being a surprise wedding gift is still one of my favorite things I've ever done.

So here are a few photos of their perfectly lovely ceremony a year later.

Kelli & James Tied the ... Lasso

Kelli and James are awesome. And I truly enjoyed being at their wedding. Their Texas roots were on full display during their wedding at the Beaumont Ranch. Kelli's closest girlfriends all wore boots, as did Kelli herself. And James and his buddies proudly displayed their Aggie pride.

I'll probably be posting photos of this shindig for a while. Every time I go through the stack, I fall in love with more and more.

Rings Across London and Ireland

It's been all of (almost) four months since my husband and I tied our happy little knot. We're both of Irish decent, and we both had always dreamed of going to Ireland. So not ten minutes after he proposed, he asked me, "Do you know where we should go for our honeymoon?"

Of course, he asked with a particular country in mind. And my answer was perfect.

So we planned our trip to the Emerald Isle, where we drove across the country. And along the way, I would ask him for his wedding band.

"Why do you keep asking for my ring?" he asked me.

Well, love, this is why.

Ideas For Your Photo Sessions

Many photographers offer wedding packages. And most of these packages come with one or two separate photo sessions. Usually, these are for a bridal or engagement photos.

But what should you do if, say, you have a friend doing your bridals? Then you have this extra photography session laying around that you don't really want.

Well, trust me, you want it.

Try something different.

Get Spicy with Boudior Portraits

Ladies and gentleman, what better photo could you give your partner besides a sassy, sexy, playful photo of yourself (or several).

Nothing; trust me. Use one of your included sessions and take some boudior photos. They can be shot in the comfort of your own home. Or rent a fancy hotel suite for the day.

Take After-the-Wedding Portraits

Many brides feel a bit of post-wedding-partum depression in the weeks following the big day. Give yourself something to look forward to. Either the day after the wedding or even a few months after, use your photo session to take more in-dress portraits. Heck, both of you get gussied up again, only more casual.

Maybe wear some funkier shoes than you were comfortable with wearing on the big day. Or try something crazy with your hair. Let your imagination run wild ... in a wedding dress ... downtown, perhaps.

Get Family Portraits

From wedding to reception, it's usually a time crunch to get portraits of the entire family. An uncle ran off to sneak a taste of the cake. The children are no where to be seen. And extra people sneak into the photos.

While everyone is in town, get them all together the morning (or early afternoon) after the wedding and do some more organized and fancy family portraits. It works especially well for people with large families.

Plus, it lets each family have the chance to get some individual family portraits. Consider it a gift to everyone for helping out with your big day!

Have "Prom" Photos at Your Wedding

This is something that I wanted to do at my own wedding (but unfortunately didn't get the chance). Have a corner or separate room set up as a photo booth ... prom style! Your guests can get fun portraits done. You can have props, backgrounds, you name it!

It's also another great way to keep guests entertained during the cocktail hour. And kids LOVE it.

Feeling bubbly?

My husband and I have all of these leftover bubbles from our wedding. I'm more than happy to give them away to anyone who would like them. The blue, yellow, and green ribbons can easily be replaced with other colors.

I'd hang on to them for next Easter or something, but we don't have too many little ones in our family right now (at least locally). I thought they'd be cute for a baby shower or something, too.

I was a bride!

It was a warm and sunny 31 degrees outside. Luckily, the kind folks who work inside the various shops and restaurants in the Bishop Arts District took pity on this bride and offered her (and her wonderful assistants) the chance to warm up. If you haven't guessed already, these photos are of me, Veronica's Camera herself. My co-photographer Jordan took the shots.

A Handy Trick for White Dresses

Being a bride myself, I've been a little concerned with things showing through my white dress (like undergarments). White stands out like a lamp. Nude shows. Something blue definitely shows. But red doesn't.

It sounds insane. It sounds really insane. But for some reason, red disappears under white. So if you're a bride, and you want to wear something under your dress that doesn't show, go for a pair of sassy red underwear. After all, who doesn't feel sexy in red?

Derrick and Emily, Husband and Wife

As I edited the photos from Derrick and Emily's wedding, I found myself smiling. I found myself smiling often.

Because they just look so in love. Revisiting their day on my computer (even two weeks after the event), I could literally feel the energy of their affection.

Perhaps that's cheesy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Congratulations, you two crazy kids. May your future glow like your wedding day.

Texas Pride. Texas Bride.

Star Hill Ranch Bee Cave, Texas

Admittedly, we were all a little timid about shooting Kristen's bridal portraits on such a gloomy, cloudy, wet day.

But with the wedding quickly approaching, we decided to face the storm.

Kristen chose cowboy boots in lieu of her strappy sandals and we did our best to keep her dress clean (with success, by the way).

The pictures turned out FANTASTIC. The only time she looked more beautiful was her actual wedding day.

Congrats, Kristen. You are Nigel are in for the time of your lives.

Kris & Mitch are Hitched

On September 12, I watched Kris and Mitch get married through the lens of my camera. And I'm very glad I did.

In the hours I spent with them and their loved ones, I remembered why not only weddings, but marriages are so special. You see, they only cared about getting married. Kris didn't fret over teensy wardrobe mishaps. They didn't have to blow the budget on orchids. And the pouring rain didn't cast a shadow on the joy they felt that afternoon.

Every couple should be this happy, carefree, and all-around relaxed the day they get married. I hope I am.

Congratulations, Kris and Mitch. May you share a lifetime of smiles and laughter.

About Kris and Mitch:

They were married in the Worship Center at the First United Methodist Church of Carrollton. This is their first (and only!) marriage which is very cool considering they aren't the typical twenty-something couple. And they had the coolest kids in their wedding.