Who shoots with film anymore?

I'm a weird breed. I'm old enough that I started doing photography when it was film only, yet I'm young enough that I learned film-digital hybrid in college. Then, I had to retrain myself in my twenties to take advantage of all of the perks of pixels and DSLRs.

And in my humble thirties, I've been gifted cameras that have more years than I do. Film-based, simple machines that create images that even the most popular Instagrammers could only dream of.

Film just looks different. It's a combination of skill, finger crossing, chemicals, light, and a touch of magic. The actual celluloid determines the final image as much as the machine or person processing the negatives.

It's know-how, and it's also a total crapshoot. 

Anyway, I had some film developed today. The camera it came from is an old Olympus, fully manual, loaded only with hope and 400 speed Fuji film.

The best part was getting my pictures back and being whisked away back in time to five months ago, when my kids looked much younger. That's something you don't get with instant pictures--the passage of time between exposure one and exposure 24.