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Aimee Lyons of DIY Darlin knows a thing or two about crafting, throwing a fun fête, and having tons of fun without tons of cash.

Which makes her a great resource for throwing a bachelorette party without throwing your entire life savings into the trashcan.

If you’re trying to entertain a group, check out her helpful tips below. And be sure to check out her site DIY Darlin.

DIY Darlin

DIY Darlin

Two pink champagne glasses on a pink background. From Pixabay.

Two pink champagne glasses on a pink background. From Pixabay.

Celebrating the upcoming nuptials of your close friend is a special time. Deciding how to plan the perfect bachelorette party requires knowing what the bride likes — and what she doesn’t like. By including her in the planning process, you are sure to organize an event to remember. Here’s what you need to know.

Think Outside the Box

Planning a wedding is stressful, making a destination bachelorette party all the more appealing. Chances are, the bride will welcome the opportunity to get away from it all with her best friends. A destination bachelorette event is possible, even on the strictest budget, with careful and creative planning. 

The destination you choose should be easily accessible to the invitees and budget-friendly for everyone. The time of year you plan the event will dictate what there is to see and do in the destination. Skiing in the winter may appeal to some; however, winter travel can delay flights and make travel hazardous. 

On the other hand, traveling to beach resorts is often cheaper during the “shoulder season” months. By planning your event outside of the typical peak season, you can score better rates on things like attractions and lodging. 

Keep It Local

There’s no need to go very far if there are great amenities nearby. Consider surveying the invitee list for how much they are comfortable spending. If the overall budget dictates doing something local, then go for it!

For example, renting a home or cabin may accommodate everyone better, can allow for fixing your own meals, and often costs less than a hotel. Also, many rentals offer a hot tub, private pool, and game room. A front porch or backyard patio with a firepit is another attractive option for your bachelorette party

Check the area for vineyards, spas, shopping, and other points of interest. Plan games, rent a chick-flick movie, and chill-in-place by staying in. This might be one of the last times everyone can get together for a while so take advantage of some quality girl time. 

Pack Your Bags

Even if you don’t plan a night out on the town, you want to take everything you need in the event plans change. You may also want to glam it up if you stay in, because somehow, it is just more fun to do with friends. Sharing makeup and beauty secrets never gets old, and the party is a perfect time to practice makeup before the wedding. 

Always pack a hair dryer, just in case the one at your accommodation doesn’t work. Your favorite makeup, perfume, and other beauty products should go into your bag too. As the ultimate glam, consider eyelash extensions. These add an incredible quality to your eyes, however, be careful. Do your research and read reviews before purchasing any eyelash extensions; purchasing a quality product is essential for making sure there are no ill effects or problems from applying and using the extensions. 


Setting an itinerary is a good idea, as it serves as an outline for the party. Be ready though to toss the itinerary out the window and roll with any changes the weekend brings. Sometimes, mother nature doesn’t always cooperate, ruining plans to hang out on the beach. A restaurant may have lost your reservation, making a pizza run inevitable. Nothing always goes 100 percent as planned.

Take a deep breath and remember that this celebration is for the bride, who is under enough stress. Laugh and yell “Plot twist!” anytime something changes during the weekend — you’ll soon have everyone else laughing too. 

A bachelorette party is a special time to reminisce and create new memories. There is no need to spend a ton of money, travel long distances, or to cry over botched itineraries. Treasure this time and once the celebration begins, let loose and go with the flow. Everyone will become more relaxed, including the bride, so lead by example.