Emily's Senior Portraits in Deep Ellum

Emily wanted someplace funky, someplace fresh for her senior portraits.

She was tired of the same ol' thing she'd seen over and over again.

So I went back in my memory of what was cool when I was 18--Deep Ellum. And you know what? It's still cool.

Deep Ellum is full of art, funky backdrops, and the perfect sunset (if you like it glinting off of the downtown high rises, which I do).

Emily is a guitar player, so of course I had to take her picture on The Traveling Man, by Brad Oldham, one of our city's most iconic works of art.

She's a Coca Cola fanatic, so we found some colors which complimented her tasteful wardrobe and bright bottle of soda.

And she's a teen, so we kept things playful and young, staying true to who she is.

Looking at these photos, you'd never know it was 98 degrees outside and ... I had my 4 month-old baby with me! Double thanks to Emily and her mom for being cool with my momness.

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