Emily's Senior Portraits in Deep Ellum

Emily's Senior Portraits in Deep Ellum

Emily wanted someplace funky, someplace fresh for her senior portraits.

She was tired of the same ol' thing she'd seen over and over again.

So I went back in my memory of what was cool when I was 18--Deep Ellum. And you know what? It's still cool.

Have a creative holiday.

My husband and I met in advertising. I was a copywriter. He was an art director. Together, we made beautiful things (long before we made our beautiful little baby). Anyway, with the series finale of our favorite show, Mad Men, which oftentimes felt a little too biographical, we thought of our annual holiday card.

With the kiddo and busy work lives, we had far less time than we would have enjoyed to get the shots, however I think we didn't do too bad. Here's our Xmas card for 2015 along with the inspiration. We hope your holiday season is as cool as ours is.

DIY Portraits

You don't even have to shoot in manual to have control over your photos. It can be done, but you need to know how to use your camera.

After all, wardrobe and those cute props you  made from Pinterest won't matter if your picture is blurry and strangely orange.

That's why I offer photography workshops at your convenience. Gather some friends, get a fruit tray from the grocery store, and host a How to Use Your Camera Workshop in your home.


the Bens Family

Spring has sprung and fall has fell. Even though it's still in the 80s, it's autumn in Dallas, which means it's a beautiful time to take family portraits. I had the chance to hang out with the Bens family this last weekend at the Dallas Arboretum. We were able to dodge the pumpkin-loving crowds long enough for some sweet family portraits.Family Portraits at the Dallas Arboretum

Sisters with Sisters

Wow, it's been far too long since I've added anything to the blog. Blame the holidays and my really cute puppy for taking up all of my time! But I'm back and slowly adding stuff to the site and blog. Like the Hopes' sisters portraits. Alyssa (the stunner in blue) always coordinates the annual Sister Photo. Andrea (the looker in purple) always styles the shoot. And Ashley (the teen) always provides entertainment.

It was so much fun. We went to a park of of the White Rock Trail and took 300-plus photos in ... drumroll please ... under an hour.

Click on any photo and then you can scroll through with your arrow keys. Enjoy!

I shot the ... lawyer.

I received a message from Brock Duke, and my first thought way, "Wow, that's the coolest name I've ever heard." Come to think of it, my second thought matched the first.

Eventually, we met up in downtown McKinney, which is a cool little spot. We shot some portraits for his new website (which isn't up yet at the time of this posting; I can't take credit for the photography on his page yet). And I learned quite a bit about the law.

So if you're in need of an attorney, I highly recommend the Law Offices of Brock Duke. Brock's a great guy who knows his stuff.

And his name kind of sounds like a super hero secret identity.

Jordan, Class of 2011

Jordan wanted something different for her senior pictures. Most of her friends have gone to the usual local spots, but Jordan ventured to Oak Cliff with me. So we wandered around the eclectic Bishop Arts District, drank sodas, and listened to good music. All in all, it was a great way to spend a few hours.

Home on the Range

Little known fact about me—I grew up around horses. I'm perfectly comfortable on a saddle, around a horse trailer, and at a rodeo.

And although I live in the city now, my mom still lives out in the country surrounded by horses.

She wanted me to get some photos for her birthday (which was a few months back but we had to wait for the weather to drop below 100).

I finally got around to posting them here. And I must admit, they make me a bit nostalgic.

I'm also attempting to post these as a slideshow. I'm not really sure what that's going to do!

Strong Kristin

If super heroes were real, they'd look and act like Kristin Newman. She fell into the sport of Olympic lifting (she's also been a ballerina and a judo master).

How do you fall into Olympic lifting? I have no idea. But look at her body; I think she's found her thing. You may have also seen her inside the pages of a comic book. Maybe.

Red Bull Ross

I'm so proud of Ross. He's a fantastic artist. And his latest work is being featured in Red Bull's Art of the Can. Honestly, his painting is far too good to be an ad for an energy drink (in this humble artist's opinion).

Anyway, Ross needed a bio photo. So we took half an hour and came up with these.