How to Use Your Camera Workshop!


Sunday, June 7, 2015 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

at Harry Moss Park. Corner of Greenville Ave. and Royal Ln.

Tickets available on Eventbrite.

A fun and friendly crash course in manual photography:

  • F-stops
  • ISO settings
  • Shutter speeds
  • White balance
  • and FOCUSING!

Plus, a goody or two to keep.

This is a true workshop; you'll learn by doing. We work in groups, play games, and learn how all cameras work while having fun. Expect tons of one-on-one time with the instructor. Questions are encouraged.

Bring your DSLR camera, a bottle of water, and your brain. You'll need all three!

Get your tickets here.


Rain won't stop family portraits.

The Ta Family wanted family portraits in a hurry. The problem was that it was cold, rainy, and all around gross outside. We had a few indoor options. One was a studio with normal, colorless backgrounds.

The other was Lakewood Brewing Company. And because the Tas are cool people, they had no qualms about shooting family portraits with brew tanks in the background.

So they brought the kids and I brought some lights and we had a great session indoors. Everyone stayed dry, and some of the adults even got a treat afterwards.

Phood Fotography

I'm trying to get this happy little photo gig shooting some food. Food photography isn't my forte, however. I've seen real food photographers and stylists do their thing and it's incredible.

Did you know there's a Chanel nail polish that's the industry standard for shrimp tails? True story.

The photography team behind one restaurant's ads (that shall remain nameless) invented a cannon to shoot shrimp into the air for video shoots.

And it's well known in the industry that lemons and other citrus fruits are injected with small bits of water for up to a week for a shoot so they're as juicy as can be.

Food photography is its own science.

However, things are getting a bit more natural thanks to blogging and Pinterest. The new style is food that still styles, but can be eaten as soon as the lights are turned off. That is if there are lights.

Again, I'm not a food photographer by trade, but I'm trying to get a small food gig. Here's what I shot (and ate!) and presented to my potential clients. We'll see if anything comes from it.



I cal this Pinterest Food Bate. It's natural light, art directed, yet still edible.

I cal this Pinterest Food Bait. It's natural light, art directed, yet still edible.



My husband has a bad habit. He comes home. Eats dinner. Then at 8 o'clock says to me, "Hey, I need some photos taken for the brewery. Tonight."

Tabletop photography takes FOREVER. Plus, it isn't my expertise.

But I love my husband. I love him dearly. And I'll do almost anything to help out Lakewood.

So we set up some sheets, lights, and found some scrap wood in the garage.

Here are the results of our late-night photo session starring Lakewood Brewing Company's BBT '14. We managed to wrap up before midnight and we (okay, I) only broke one light bulb.

Chili & Monique

So I'm late to the blog party on this one. Chili and Monique had a wonderful wedding day back in May! It was actually this new mamma's first time away from the baby for longer than, say, two hours. But their perfect nuptials helped keep me from missing the little guy too much.

The weather was beautiful. Their vows were deeply heartfelt. And there was so much love floating on the air that it was absolutely infectious. I wish Chili and Monique the happiest life together.

Details Wedding

Catching breath.

A while ago, my friend Mike* and I created a Website for Blue Caboose Children's Fund, a non-profit that helps children and families dealing with the hardships of Cystic Fibrosis treatment. The reason we got hooked up to this organization is because the founder and inspiration are good friends of my family's. More specifically, my cousin Noah's friend Jack has CF and his mother started BC4CF.

Anyway, Noah wrote a sweet article about his friendship with Jack and some of the stuff Jack and his mom are currently doing. I just wanted to share it.


Catching Breath

by Noah Johnson


I’ve always thought Jack and my friendship wasn’t an ordinary one. We are both normal suburban teens. We are so carefree and lazy that if the world depended on us for its survival, we all wouldn’t be here for long! So I’d say were some fairly average teenagers.

However, there’s one big thing that separates us from the rest, Jack has Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a chronic lung disease that causes sticky mucus to build up in the lungs. It doesn’t take a medical degree to understand that this disease can cause countless problems within the body; like extreme difficulty breathing, which you know is pretty important. It’s life threatening for the person with CF and life altering on his family and close friends.

Jack and many other CFers (the slang term for a CF patient) spend so much time in the hospital, it becomes a second home. Like any sane human being, my friend doesn’t want to be there for any length of time, yet he finds himself living in a hospital room for weeks at a time. Coincidentally, he knows how to make a long hospital stay and  CF treatments better. That’s why in winter of 2009, he debuted his foundation Jack in the Toy Box, the joy-filled premise being to deliver toys to CF kids both in and out of the hospital around Christmas time. It has been going strong for years and gets bigger every holiday season due to the community’s selfless donations.

Jack’s awesome mother, Kelly Colbert, later founded Blue Caboose 4 CF, a full-scale, non-profit organization dedicated to help not only CF patients, but the other people Cystic Fibrosis attacks, the families of the patients. The main thing about CF is that there are way more side effects than what a doctor can tell you.

Blue Caboose does its best to quell the endless pain and stress of medical bills, highway tolls and gas money to get to the hospital every night; the mystery of how students get basic school supplies; and the challenge of affording presents for the kids this Christmas. It also helps in ways that can’t be solved with dollars, the giving of comfort totes to families and parent support groups.

What separates this insanely cool charity from the rest is that it’s truly homegrown and focuses on quality over quantity. Every single dime goes into helping the families of CF. Kelly Colbert has Texas-sized plans to change what it means to have a loved one with this daunting disease. With donations and contributions, kids like Jack can see their families live more normal lives, and everyone can catch their breath.



*Mike also did my Website. He's gifted beyond measure.


I've been terrible about blogging since I've had my son. Okay, let's be honest. I've always been terrible about blogging. I shoot so many cool things, awesome people, and fun events, and they all go ignored on this blog.

Not that I have a ton of followers. But this thing is supposed to promote my business and I'm not really doing a great job of that.

So I have a new business proposal. I'm going to rent out my husband as Batman for children's parties. Heck, I'll rent him out for adult parties, too.

I haven't told him this, yet. But look at him in this Batsuit. You'd pay to have him (and a photographer) come to your party, right?Batman05

If your Sony flash won't fire remotely, here's why (and how to fix it).

I really do love my Sony equipment, and not just because Sony throws me work from time to time. It really is good stuff. However I hit a little snag when trying to use my flash (the awesome Sony HVL-60M) with my remote trigger system. It wouldn't fire. No matter what I did. It just sat there like a paperweight.

So I did some sleuthing and discovered that the pin on the flash wasn't aligning with the proper point on the receiver's shoe. In laymen's terms, it was the equivalent of putting in a battery backwards.

So, the solution? Seeing as the flash only needed to slide about 2 or 3 millimeters further forward, I simply filed down the plastic at the front of the shoe. This lets the flash slip forward a bit more, lets the pins align, and PRESTO, lets the flash fire.

It isn't scary to do. I used a dremel tool, but some patience and a rough nail file or sharp knife would also do the trick. (I take no responsibility for bloody fingers or stuff flying into your eyes; be safe or have a grown up do it.)

Now my Sony flash and my remote system get along like old buddies, and I can even (gasp) use my Nikon flash and my Sony flash together in harmony. It makes sense, the cameras do share some guts from what I hear.

If you found this post, I hope it helped you out. Happy shooting.

The Most Beautiful Photo I've Ever Seen OR Why I Haven't Blogged in Awhile


So I'm pregnant. And I've been pregnant. And unfortunately for me, pregnancy has been full of not feeling well.

It's been difficult shooting all of the things I've been shooting, editing the photos, and getting them to my clients. Posting the images on the blog, however, is where my energy has been running out.

But at 16 weeks, I'm starting to feel normal again (even if the camera does feel heavier than it used to). So hopefully when I find some free time, I'll update the blog with my New York adventure, some new newborn shots, and more.

Hush, Little Baby.

Oh, hi, camera. So the thing about newborn babies is that they sleep almost all of the time, which is great for taking their photos. In fact, all of those photos where the cute little baby is resting its head on its hands or hanging from a tree branch, they're all possible because the baby is fast asleep (and someone is very good at PhotoShop. PLEASE DON"T TRY TO POSE YOUR BABIES LIKE THAT!).

However, babies don't always feel like sleeping. The world is still a brand new place with tons of new sights and sounds, which is why Lovely Little Leighton refused to close her eyes for our shoot.

And that's the thing with newborn photography. You have to go with the flow and let the baby dictate what's going to happen. After all, it isn't safe to hang a squirmy baby from a tree branch or leave her alone in a basket (Mom and Dad are right outside the border of these photos. SAFETY FIRST.).

So through Leighton's cries and fussiness, her awesome parents powered through. And so did her unbeatable baby beauty.

Teensy baby feet.

Daddy trying to get Leighton to calm down.

What you don't see: the iPhone playing ocean waves right by her head, the heat pad underneath her, and Mom holding the basket.

What happens in Vegas gets shot with my Sony.

I am just giddy over here. Sony asked me to join them in Las Vegas at the annual WPPI Convention and Expo. It's a huge event with photographers from all over the place. There are tons of business workshops, photography lessons, and cool products to check out. The coolest being the Sony stuff, naturally.

My first time in Las Vegas was a little over a year ago, and I didn't really get to see and do everything that I wanted. But this time, I'm taking my camera all over the place and I'm going to just drink in the lights like they're water.

And maybe I'll go see a Cirque de Soleil performance, too.

HOW TO USE YOUR CAMERA is back! And this one's a freebie.*

Saturday, January 19th 1:00 - 2:00 PM Lake Highlands North Rec Center 9940 White Rock Trail in Dallas

Contact the center for more info and to RSVP. Space is very limited. (214) 670-7794 LakeHighlandsRC@dallascityhall.com

*There may be an annual City of Dallas membership fee. I'm not the expert on that.

On the Other Side of the Camera


So it's no secret that I love teaching photography and cameras just as much (if not more) than I love taking photos.

And I'm sort of getting to do that on a HUGE scale very soon.

Rather, I already did.

You see, some company that I can't really name yet, chose little old me to be on a new website all about lenses and why it's important to have a few handy.

It was so much fun and so much work. But I'm over-the-moon honored and anxious. I mean, me? And then ... how did I do?

A film crew followed me around for a few days, interviewed me, took over my house, played with my dog. I took them to some of my favorite spots in Dallas and had an absolute blast.

The site launches in a month or so, and I'll be sharing the link (unless I look like a total oddball, but hopefully not) as soon as it's up.


Wow, I've been too busy to update the ol' blog.

My fantastic web designer, Mike, was kind enough to update my blog and stick it on my proper website. Go ahead, take a look at his stuff. You'll be impressed. Anyway, despite Mike's talents, I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to add all of my latest work!

Hopefully, things will plateau a bit and life can get  back to normal.

But then again, what fun is normal?

Is everyone a photographer? Or is everyone a PhotoShopper?

I learned photography with a very old, film-based SLR camera. I had to meter light with a grey card. Assess the shadows and arrange reflectors to adjust the light. Then take a photo and cross my fingers.

Because I wouldn't know what the final product looked like until later. Much later.

But that's not the case anymore. Now, anyone can have perfect photos with the help of digital photography and PhotoShop.

A part of me thinks it's really cool. Because film and developing is very expensive. And PhotoShop is a one-time cost.

The other part of me thinks it isn't fair that anyone can pick up a camera, take a photo, and then fix it later. Because that photo becomes a lie.

PhotoShop is the auto tune of the photography world.

And the few of us out there who swear by taking a photo right the first time, are getting left behind.

So I'm slowly adapting. Creating unique effects for the people who want them. But only if they ask.

I worked hard to learn about photography. I should use those skills instead of fake them with my computer.


Mobile Blogging

Veronica's Camera is very excited about blogging from a phone. Not sure when/why it'll come in handy. But the creative wheels are spinning.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo of Ross. And this other photo (taken with a phone) of his art.

I shot myself.

Well, sort of. Since I'm a photographer, people love to ask me who's shooting my bridal portraits and our wedding. It makes sense. After all, I'm going to be picky.

So my awesome assistant and I shot my bridals. And I really want to post them, but I'm not married yet. And I REALLY want to share them with my favorite person in the world (my one-and-only), but he's the one person I can't show.

This is so hard! But it's only 33 days until the reveal. So be looking for my own bridals soon.