On the Other Side of the Camera


So it's no secret that I love teaching photography and cameras just as much (if not more) than I love taking photos.

And I'm sort of getting to do that on a HUGE scale very soon.

Rather, I already did.

You see, some company that I can't really name yet, chose little old me to be on a new website all about lenses and why it's important to have a few handy.

It was so much fun and so much work. But I'm over-the-moon honored and anxious. I mean, me? And then ... how did I do?

A film crew followed me around for a few days, interviewed me, took over my house, played with my dog. I took them to some of my favorite spots in Dallas and had an absolute blast.

The site launches in a month or so, and I'll be sharing the link (unless I look like a total oddball, but hopefully not) as soon as it's up.