Hush, Little Baby.

Oh, hi, camera. So the thing about newborn babies is that they sleep almost all of the time, which is great for taking their photos. In fact, all of those photos where the cute little baby is resting its head on its hands or hanging from a tree branch, they're all possible because the baby is fast asleep (and someone is very good at PhotoShop. PLEASE DON"T TRY TO POSE YOUR BABIES LIKE THAT!).

However, babies don't always feel like sleeping. The world is still a brand new place with tons of new sights and sounds, which is why Lovely Little Leighton refused to close her eyes for our shoot.

And that's the thing with newborn photography. You have to go with the flow and let the baby dictate what's going to happen. After all, it isn't safe to hang a squirmy baby from a tree branch or leave her alone in a basket (Mom and Dad are right outside the border of these photos. SAFETY FIRST.).

So through Leighton's cries and fussiness, her awesome parents powered through. And so did her unbeatable baby beauty.

Teensy baby feet.

Daddy trying to get Leighton to calm down.

What you don't see: the iPhone playing ocean waves right by her head, the heat pad underneath her, and Mom holding the basket.