Phood Fotography

I'm trying to get this happy little photo gig shooting some food. Food photography isn't my forte, however. I've seen real food photographers and stylists do their thing and it's incredible.

Did you know there's a Chanel nail polish that's the industry standard for shrimp tails? True story.

The photography team behind one restaurant's ads (that shall remain nameless) invented a cannon to shoot shrimp into the air for video shoots.

And it's well known in the industry that lemons and other citrus fruits are injected with small bits of water for up to a week for a shoot so they're as juicy as can be.

Food photography is its own science.

However, things are getting a bit more natural thanks to blogging and Pinterest. The new style is food that still styles, but can be eaten as soon as the lights are turned off. That is if there are lights.

Again, I'm not a food photographer by trade, but I'm trying to get a small food gig. Here's what I shot (and ate!) and presented to my potential clients. We'll see if anything comes from it.



I cal this Pinterest Food Bate. It's natural light, art directed, yet still edible.

I cal this Pinterest Food Bait. It's natural light, art directed, yet still edible.