Is everyone a photographer? Or is everyone a PhotoShopper?

I learned photography with a very old, film-based SLR camera. I had to meter light with a grey card. Assess the shadows and arrange reflectors to adjust the light. Then take a photo and cross my fingers.

Because I wouldn't know what the final product looked like until later. Much later.

But that's not the case anymore. Now, anyone can have perfect photos with the help of digital photography and PhotoShop.

A part of me thinks it's really cool. Because film and developing is very expensive. And PhotoShop is a one-time cost.

The other part of me thinks it isn't fair that anyone can pick up a camera, take a photo, and then fix it later. Because that photo becomes a lie.

PhotoShop is the auto tune of the photography world.

And the few of us out there who swear by taking a photo right the first time, are getting left behind.

So I'm slowly adapting. Creating unique effects for the people who want them. But only if they ask.

I worked hard to learn about photography. I should use those skills instead of fake them with my computer.