guerrilla wedding shoot

Jenn and Isaac's Marriage Adventure in the Big Apple

Sony Cameras and Jenn, the lovely bride featured in this post, sent me to NYC to shoot Jenn and Isaac's elopement. Armed with the Sony A99 and a bagful of Sony lenses, I went to New York not knowing exactly what to expect.

What a trip! These two are rockstars. We ran around the entire city. Times Square, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center. Grand Central Station ... And it wasn't cool outside, either. May in NYC can be quite brutal.

I estimate we drank around 5,000 bottles of water. And since I was newly pregnant, at least 3,000 of those were mine. I can't thank Jenn and Izzy enough for keeping my secret for as long as they did (but they discovered pretty quickly that something was different about me; it isn't hard to hide a pregnancy when you don't participate in the champagne toast!).

However, heat and queasiness aside, I absolutely loved their wedding. It was way too much fun to be such a big part of such a personal event in their lives. Not to mention all of the attention we got was really fun, too! I'm actually very impressed with New Yorkers and all of the tourists. I don't think we had any unwanted photo bombs.

The entire shoot was a raging success, just like their marriage will continue to be. I have so many favorite photos that it's unfair. I hope they feel the same.