Wedding at the Red Oak Ballroom in Fort Worth

This wedding was special for me. Mike is a very dear friend (in fact, he's the talented person who did this website) and Julie is a welcome addition to my "family." When Mike told me about Julie, I couldn't help but hope that they'd end up married. Well, my wish (mostly Mike's wish, let's be honest) came true.

They were married last weekend at the Red Oak Ballroom in Sundance Square in Fort Worth, TX. It was such a casual affair with the right amount of attention to detail. Julie was radiant and I've never ever seen Mike look so blissful in the many years I've known him.

I have so many photos I'd like to post of their wedding and reception, but they're on their honeymoon right now. So I'll wait until they get back to completely unload my camera card!

Wedding at the Red Oak Ballroom