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Babies Light Up My Life, Even if My Lights Don't.

So this shoot stressed me out a bit, and not because the baby was bad! She was a perfect angel. I've actually never had a baby be so chill. No, it was the lights. I had just purchased a new set of studio lights and they malfunctioned hardcore. In fact, I couldn't adjust the output! That's the entire point of using lights, being able to control the amount of light that comes out!

I tried everything I could, but something just wasn't working. And we were in my house, so I didn't have the space to move them far enough away to lessen the light (not to mention there'd be light bleeding everywhere!).

In laymen's terms, it just means I had to get creative and bust out my speedlights again. So instead of the 5 light setup I had planned (well, 4 and a bounce), I was back to two and a bounce.

It worked. Andi looks adorable in the photos. But then again, she always looks adorable.

My son, Lennox

I'll never be able to top this year's birthday present to my husband. That's because this year on his birthday, I had our son.

Lennox Ash Bradley was born around brunch time. He was a big and beautiful and absolutely perfect.

Kudos to the Birth & Women's Center, who helped us bring our sunshine into the world. And super kudos to my husband, Craig, who was the best coach a mama could ever hope for.

And triple kudos to my precious little light, Lennox. It's difficult to put him down long enough to pick up the camera.

My son, Lennox.