Ideas For Your Photo Sessions

Many photographers offer wedding packages. And most of these packages come with one or two separate photo sessions. Usually, these are for a bridal or engagement photos.

But what should you do if, say, you have a friend doing your bridals? Then you have this extra photography session laying around that you don't really want.

Well, trust me, you want it.

Try something different.

Get Spicy with Boudior Portraits

Ladies and gentleman, what better photo could you give your partner besides a sassy, sexy, playful photo of yourself (or several).

Nothing; trust me. Use one of your included sessions and take some boudior photos. They can be shot in the comfort of your own home. Or rent a fancy hotel suite for the day.

Take After-the-Wedding Portraits

Many brides feel a bit of post-wedding-partum depression in the weeks following the big day. Give yourself something to look forward to. Either the day after the wedding or even a few months after, use your photo session to take more in-dress portraits. Heck, both of you get gussied up again, only more casual.

Maybe wear some funkier shoes than you were comfortable with wearing on the big day. Or try something crazy with your hair. Let your imagination run wild ... in a wedding dress ... downtown, perhaps.

Get Family Portraits

From wedding to reception, it's usually a time crunch to get portraits of the entire family. An uncle ran off to sneak a taste of the cake. The children are no where to be seen. And extra people sneak into the photos.

While everyone is in town, get them all together the morning (or early afternoon) after the wedding and do some more organized and fancy family portraits. It works especially well for people with large families.

Plus, it lets each family have the chance to get some individual family portraits. Consider it a gift to everyone for helping out with your big day!

Have "Prom" Photos at Your Wedding

This is something that I wanted to do at my own wedding (but unfortunately didn't get the chance). Have a corner or separate room set up as a photo booth ... prom style! Your guests can get fun portraits done. You can have props, backgrounds, you name it!

It's also another great way to keep guests entertained during the cocktail hour. And kids LOVE it.

I was a bride!

It was a warm and sunny 31 degrees outside. Luckily, the kind folks who work inside the various shops and restaurants in the Bishop Arts District took pity on this bride and offered her (and her wonderful assistants) the chance to warm up. If you haven't guessed already, these photos are of me, Veronica's Camera herself. My co-photographer Jordan took the shots.

A Handy Trick for White Dresses

Being a bride myself, I've been a little concerned with things showing through my white dress (like undergarments). White stands out like a lamp. Nude shows. Something blue definitely shows. But red doesn't.

It sounds insane. It sounds really insane. But for some reason, red disappears under white. So if you're a bride, and you want to wear something under your dress that doesn't show, go for a pair of sassy red underwear. After all, who doesn't feel sexy in red?

Texas Pride. Texas Bride.

Star Hill Ranch Bee Cave, Texas

Admittedly, we were all a little timid about shooting Kristen's bridal portraits on such a gloomy, cloudy, wet day.

But with the wedding quickly approaching, we decided to face the storm.

Kristen chose cowboy boots in lieu of her strappy sandals and we did our best to keep her dress clean (with success, by the way).

The pictures turned out FANTASTIC. The only time she looked more beautiful was her actual wedding day.

Congrats, Kristen. You are Nigel are in for the time of your lives.


I've been so eager to post Amity's bridal portraits! But I've a strict policy about posting the bride before she's married. So now that Amity is a wife, I can finally show off her beautiful photos. We got such a variety of shots, it's impossible to pick my favorite. Although I love how her bare feet peek out in a few of the photos showing off her carefree nature.

These were shot in Turtle Creek, Lee Park to be more specific, on a sunny-then-cloudy-then-sunny day.