gay couple portraits

Kevin & Larry

If it wasn't 100 degrees out when I met Kevin and Larry, it was close.

But they're wedding is coming up quick, so they powered through the heat for a fun-filled engagement session at White Rock Lake.

We met at the Bath House Cultural Center. I felt the building could be an interesting background (and even provide a bit of shade). Not to mention the bird poles in the lake where egrets and other water fowl tend to perch.

Unfortunately, the birds felt it was too hot to show up! But we managed to get some lovely photos, regardless. I'm very much looking forward to Kevin and Larry's wedding in August ... indoors!

Philip & Greg & Harry

One of the reasons I love Dallas has to be the weather (at least when it's not over 100). This January has had a few spring-like days, which means that shooting Greg and Philip and Harry was almost too easy. We didn't have to carry around tons of coats, my fingers weren't freezing, and we could all focus on Harry (that's the cuddly Corgi in the photo). Not to mention we had the most gorgeous sunset which gave us fantastic light. Who needs to alter tones in PhotoShop? Not this photographer.

Hanging with these guys was too much fun. And my doggie and Harry got along famously. I see pup play dates in the future!