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Just Another Shoot

You can't tell by looking at the smiling family in the photo, but this shoot got very scary about 60 seconds later. The park we were at ended up being the unplanned destination of a police chase. We heard horrible screeching, metal crunching, stuff slamming, and then sirens.

We watched as a car tumbled and rolled it's way next to our parked cars. Then men jumped out of it and took off running. Then officers came from every direction. Before I could figure out what was going on, cops were everywhere, shouting at us to leave. There must've been 20 police cars. I saw lights. I saw men running. I saw guns.

It was insanity.

Before that, our photo shoot lasted about two minutes. However, it was a great two minutes before we all hightailed it out of there for our lives.

Photography isn't a very safe career choice, I guess.Tibbets-14_web

Stephanie, Joe, and Downtown Dallas

Stephanie and Joe had a cool idea to have two engagement sessions. Session number one took place at the State Fair of Texas. And session number two took place in and around Downtown Dallas. We went to Thanksgiving Square, the Dart Rail, the Dallas Museum of Art, and a few other stops.

Stephanie and Joe also had another cool idea. They brought along their sweet doggie! She might have had more fun than all of us (except when she wasn't the center of attention, that is).

Jon is going to graduate.

Jon is tall. He's very tall. He's not even out of high school yet, and he's a walking tower. So it only made sense to take his photos in the downtown area--where all of the tall buildings are. That and Uptown has so much to offer photo subjects. There's nature, there's urban settings, there's even billboards.

So that's where we shot. Amidst the birds and buildings of Uptown. Not a bad way to spend a lazy Sunday morning, really.