It's me!

My son is due within twenty days (WHAT!?), and my husband and I just got around to having a friend shoot some photos of us. She's actually an advertising producer who just dabbles in photography, but she's amazing. Her goal is to start doing it on the side. And she should! Once she gets a portfolio up, I'm going to provide tons of links. The only bummer part is that she lives in New York, so us DFW folks have to catch her when she's here. Fortunately, that's a few times a year.

Anyway, here's my husband and a nine-months-pregnant me. We shot around my favorite place, White Rock Lake. And we even went to the Filter Building where we got married four years ago. It was more fun than I could have ever imagined. Being on the other side of the camera isn't that bad.

This is where we got married! We recreated some of our wedding photos. Things have obviously changed.

We were getting a little silly, but then again my son wouldn't hold still. It was distracting!



A little love for my Sony A-99.