I get asked about retouching quite a bit. After all, we all want to look our very best in photos (especially after paying for them). Which is why I offer retouching services. But what exactly is retouching?

Most everyone knows it involves Adobe PhotoShop or some other fancy (and expensive) program. But not many people actually know how to use it.

Well, fortunately for my clients, I do know how to use it. Professionally, even.

Below is one example of photo retouching that I performed. I like to keep photos looking realistic by preserving some wrinkles and most freckles (I love freckles). Otherwise, it's obvious that a photo has been 'shopped (that's fancy talk for PhotoShopped). I also brightened the eyes and removed the hair which was obstructing the face.

Can I be more extreme, like shrink body parts and swap out eyes? Definitely. But I promised my other subjects that I would never in a million  years post their before photos.

So if you have an existing photo that you want retouched, or I've taken a photo of you and you would like something altered, ask me about my retouching services.