Use a flash outside.

Using a flash in bright sunlight can help even out your exposure. It was very bright the day I shot Derek and Andy's engagement photos.

Very bright. Even at 7 PM, the Texas sun wasn't letting up.

So I pulled out my flash, which seems like a silly thing to do. After all, if there's too much light, why would anyone in their right mind add more?

Well, there are a few reasons. I think the photos speak for themselves, but I'll give a basic outline.

Bright lights equal dark shadows. Use a flash to fill in those shadows and get more uniform light.

See how the background is visible in the photo taken with the flash? That's because my light made their faces equal to the background. Without the flash, the background was drowned out by the sun reflecting off of everything.

Learn how to shoot your camera manually. Then learn how to use your flash. Need help? Let me show you how to use your camera!